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  • HTML5 quote attribution

    HTML5 quote attribution

    I often come across the situation when working on a client site where I need to mark up a soundbite. Usually a client testimonial or similar in some kind of business site. The problem I find is that these sorts of testimonial quotes all come complete with their own source references and I’ve struggled to…

  • CSS quotes and the content property

    CSS quotes and the content property

    If there’s one thing I enjoy more than learning new stuff, it is learning new stuff about something that I thought I had boxed off already. The CSS2 ‘quotes’ property pretty much fits that bill. Here’s the rub if (like me) this is a property that you’re unfamiliar with: Major browsers will prepend and append…

  • Taxonomy Term count hardcoded into WPDB

    Taxonomy Term count hardcoded into WPDB

    Who knew, eh? Not me. I’ve been chasing the rabbit for two hours.

  • HTML5 forms & a new Macbook Pro

    WARNING: There is a distinct lack of hamsters in this video. Likelt very dull for non-geek types. Peace out.

  • Using variables in CSS

    I’m working on a little PHP script to allow for variables and inheritance in CSS. I know there’s a ruby script that does this somewhere, but I fancy seeing if we can’t get a pure PHP version up & running between us. If you’re somebody that writes their own CSS and are willing to have…

  • Finding the RSS Feeds of your Facebook Status Updates

    Edit:As of recent changes (7/2/2010) to FB, this is no longer working for me. You might have better luck. Why don’t facebook just make this stuff available? Edit: This method has worked for my account and several others, but fails for some people. If you are greeted with the message “This feed URL is no…

  • Limiting the number of times a PHP loop will run using the break command

    If you’re reading this page then you’re already likely familiar with the standard PHP for, while and foreach loops. If not, then may I suggest some background reading first – That said, I added a new weapon to my PHP arsenal today in the form of a better understanding of the break command. I’ve…

  • Styling HTML elements in CSS without using classes / IDs

    Something I came across for the first time recently is the practice of using HTML element attributes to apply CSS styles. The mathematics can be found at, but a basic example of where I use this technique is as follows… starting with a basic form… Demo Form Your Name Your Email Address To lay…