WordPress Support, Maintenance & Hosting


Broken your site? Need a bespoke plugin? Need your theme to be just so? We offer two tiers of support pricing, billed by the minute, not the hour. After a minimum of 3 months, you can keep rolling a month at a time, or if we’ve tidied up everything you need for the moment, there is nothing more to commit to. All packages are covered by a Service Level Agreement so you know what to expect from us.

  • Micro Support Package: Need some tweaks or something fixed? Call us when you need us. We offer one and a half hours of support time per month, for £99 including VAT.
  • Digital Agency Package: If you have greater support needs, maybe spread over several sites you host as a reseller, but prefer not to tackle the deeper, darker corners of WordPress, we can help. Our best value, bulk pricing is just £450 (Ex VAT) per month for 10 full hours of professional support and development. Unused hours roll to the next month (a maximum of 10 hours can be rolled to the next month; things get a bit crazy otherwise).


Hosting is like anything else. You get what you pay for. Maybe your budget hosting is slow, or you’ve had to cope with the disruption and panic of a hacked website. Or maybe you plan to start as you mean to go on, with fast, secure hosting backing up your valuable website and protecting it from harm right from the outset.

Our hosting package comes straight from WP Engine. We chose WP Engine hosting because we found their reputation for being the best specialist WordPress hosting provider, to be entirely justified. Why are they so good? Here’s a very short version of why we think this is the best WordPress hosting bar none:

  • It’s fast – Best in class, enterprise grade architecture. WP Engine’s hardware, efficient and intelligent caching, and included CDN, give blazing fast performance.
  • It’s secure – Comprehensive security features to ensure your site stays safe.
  • It’s reliable – World class uptime means your site is always there.
  • Backups – Daily and automatic. It’s one click to restore your site.
  • Staging area – Super easy to use staging area to make changes to your site in private, then deploy with a click when ready.
  • Brilliant support – You get access to WP Engine’s 24/7 support. They know WordPress inside out and are always friendly, helpful and available.

So why do I need Pie for this? Well, because we get a deal for hosting so many sites, we can pass savings on to you. A single site package straight from WP Engine is $29 per month, adding CDN to make your site even faster is another $19.99. Our price is just £16 per month, or £160 a year (ex VAT), including the CDN. Even with dollars to pounds conversion, that’s about a 50% saving.

If you want the best specialist WordPress hosting for just £160 a year, drop us a line here.