WordPress Plugin Development

Out of the box, WordPress is a great platform for creating a blog or hosting a basic website.

If you need some functionality added, your first port of call might be the WordPress plugin directory. With over 30,000 plugins, you are bound to be able to find a solution to most of the more common requirements.

Some are fantastic, industry standard pieces of software that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Others might be buggy. Others won’t play nicely with your theme or other plugins. Some might be outdated, unsupported or downright insecure. Your requirement might be bespoke to you or your company.

That’s why you need PIE.

We are experts in WordPress plugin development.

From simple API integrations to building an entire application platform based upon WordPress, we have the development experience and WordPress expertise to integrate the functionality that you need into the platform that you love using.

We make sure that your bespoke plugin will play nicely with your WordPress install, and continue to support through WordPress version upgrades and into the future.